Accessibility and security

With guaranteed uptime according to SLAs and a range of functions for enhanced security and transparency, we make secure, accessible digital learning available to everyone.

Guaranteed access via SLAs

Guaranteed accessibility: always and everywhere

Our top priority is always our users and making digital learning accessible to everyone. We are therefore proud that during the past five years we have surpassed our SLAs, with uptime of more than 99.98%. This means that teachers and students have access to tools wherever they are and at any time, without having to remember different passwords, deal with IP locks or use specific devices.

Documented uptime of more than 99.98%

*The image does not show real-time data. It is a visualisation of

Full transparency

An automated overview

Schools get a full overview of operational status and updates at, with built-in automatic notes in the event of any incidents. This gives a full overview of a key part of the school’s technical infrastructure for IT devices, and a summary of operations and availability that many schools currently lack.

Hundreds of ready-made integrations

A reliable platform in a complex ecosystem

Skolon has ready-made integrations with more than a hundred different providers and 24/7 monitoring, every day of the year. We continuously develop these integrations together with each provider in line with the latest technology and applicable standards. This gives schools a secure, stable integration platform that is always improving within a complex ecosystem, both now and in the future.

A work in constant progress

A focus on information security

Skolon’s infrastructure and technology are based on modern frameworks, and our entire development process focuses sharply on thinking about quality and information security. This is a work in constant progress. Clear quality and information security processes are an essential part of ensuring a safe, secure user experience.

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