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Give teachers and students equal access and a simpler digital everyday life by bringing together all your digital tools, e-books and resources in one place.

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A smart, personal collection

Skolon gives teachers and students a personal collection for all their digital tools – in other words, all their resources. “My Collection” makes it easy to search for, sort and organise tools, and the tools shown are the ones that each individual has access to. Click on a tool and it launches immediately – working digitally at school has never been easier.

Overview of all tools

All your digital tools in one place

Skolon brings together all your digital tools, so they’re ready for teachers and students to use in just a few clicks. It’s also easy to add your own links for all students or selected classes, so all the digital resources used by the school can be found in one place.

A powerful search function

Find the right materials for each occasion

With a whole host of indexed tools and our powerful search function, users can browse all materials with a single search, making it easy to find exactly the right material for each occasion. Smart deep links make it easy to share information with students with a single click.

Just one click

Built-in navigation via the Skolon button

Our navigation structure makes it easy to access all your tools in “My Collection” with a single click, no matter where the user is. The Skolon button is built into most tools, and with ready-to-use integrations with the most popular web browsers, the next tool is always just a click away. Thanks to our powerful API, you can also make “My Collection” available in whichever systems the school wants to use.

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