“I get a real boost of energy from coming to work here each day!”

Team Tech

Daniel Persson

Hi Daniel! What is your role here at Skolon?

I’m the team leader for one of the three tech teams. My job involves leading the team and supporting my colleagues’ efforts, which is very satisfying and rewarding. I get to work in close collaboration with each member of the team and simultaneously work hands-on with developing Skolon. I have extensive experience in programming, but am very happy and grateful that we have a variety of cutting edge expertise among our team members, covering everything from planning and development to design and testing. In other words, we form a very cohesive whole, where every member plays an important role.

…could you share a bit more about who you are and what you do outside of work?

Well, I’m 39 years old, married, with two children. I’m pretty much your classic nerd, at home and at work! I friend taught me programming when I was 15 years old and I was hooked right from the start. I devoured book after book on programming, learning new techniques and languages each step of the way. Eventually, I had programmed everything from my own games to websites and 3D engines. My future career path at that point was pretty much set. I find programming just as fun today as it was way back when. I really love what I do!

What’s it like working on your specific team?

I had the privilege of taking on the role of team leader for an entirely new team at the tech department. Its main focus is working with all of Skolon’s new syncs and integrations, which lies at the very heart of what we do, enabling our customers to use Skolon and the systems that they have each installed. We work with many different systems, which means that the team can come up with all sorts of solutions for making things easier for our customers in all of the countries where they operate. And, because each country has its own specific systems, I get an exciting peak into how various systems work in different parts of the world. In other words, development never stands still!

You started here with at the beginning of 2022. How has this first year with us at Skolon been for you?

Well, I already felt incredibly welcome right from day one. I was greeted, shown around and given a clear onboarding project to do the very same day, with specifics on what I could start working with. Not only did it include actual programming needs, but also some ways of getting to know my new workplace. It gave me insight into the world and realities of schools so that I could better understand our customers and their technical challenges. I thought this was really great, as it helped me understand my own role as part of a greater whole, as well as getting to know my team better and all my other colleagues here at Skolon. Already in the first week, I had a clear roadmap of what I needed to learn in the weeks and months ahead, without feeling overwhelmed by it all. It was all parcelled out in the right portions, allowing me to learn at my own pace over time.

How do you find the culture here at Skolon?

For most of my professional life, I’ve been working from home or in smaller offices, which has suited me well. But since joining Skolon, I’ve felt different about all of that. I get a real boost of energy from coming to work here each day! Right from the start, I’ve found the atmosphere to be welcoming and unpretentious. Everyone says hello and if you ask someone how it’s going, I get the genuine impression that the person who asked really cares about hearing the answer. We feel comfortable discussing just about everything with each other, which is a wonderful thing to be able to share with others. The culture here is unpretentious and it’s one of the greatest strengths of our team. Everyone’s voice gets heard.

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