Data security and GDPR tools

Unique functions that significantly improve the security of using digital tools and help schools comply with GDPR requirements.

Comply with GDPR

Built-in minimised data spreading

Our powerful rights system, combined with integrations based on the latest technology, automatically ensures that only the necessary user data is synced with the relevant tools on each occasion. Secure personal data management enables schools to comply with GDPR requirements.

Data visualisation

Get a complete overview of where your data is held

Skolon’s user-friendly data visualisation tool gives you a clear, complete picture of which users and which data has been synced to each tool and provider, giving the insights and control required by GDPR. This information is available at individual, class and school levels, and data transfer can also be stopped at the click of a button, whether for an individual user or with a provider.

Effective GDPR management

Create reports with a single click

Generating register extracts detailing which data is held where is now easier than ever. With just one click, ready-made reports are automatically created for the relevant users, bringing together all the information from different providers in a single place and facilitating compliance with GDPR reporting obligations.

Signed data processing agreements: 21
Missing data processing agreements: 7

Automated register function for data processing agreements

Thanks to an automatically generated overview of which providers are used, it’s easy to check that data processing agreement are held with all providers. A clear register function gives users all the information they need, all in one place.

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