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Skolon Partner Program

If you contribute towards educational development, we can help you to reach schools

By becoming a Skolon Partner, developers of digital resources, tools or other software and apps for schools get unique opportunities to reach hundreds of thousands of teachers and students.

Skolon has been created to provide digital learning for everyone by making it easier for schools to use and find high-quality digital tools. Skolon’s international library currently contains more than 5,500 digital resources from a wide range of suppliers.

Some of Skolon’s advantages

Simplify use, attract more customers and reduce administration

The simplest method for free distribution

Skolon offers the market’s most powerful platform and APIs for distributing digital resources and tools to hundreds of thousands of teachers and students, free of charge, whether you have five or 500,000 users.

More customers

Reach hundreds of thousands of new users and sell your tools through our unique library – created just for schools. Skolon also offers one of the most popular marketing concepts, both digitally and via events.

Greater use

With Skolon, your customers’ use of existing licences increases significantly, thanks to easier access no matter where users are located. This leads to more satisfied customers and excellent opportunities for additional sales.

Save development time

Avoid costly customer-specific integrations and complex implementation projects. With Skolon, use is dramatically simpler for your customers and you save valuable development time. Your tools are also automatically integrated into the school’s digital ecosystem.

Less administration

Ready-made SSO links, built-in data management and automated distribution mean less customer administration for our partners. What’s more, your customers can easily assign and administer their licences themselves.

Improved security

Our modern, standardised data management uses ready-made integrations to ensure GDPR compliance, giving the customer built-in transparency and control of their own personal data.

All in one place

A portal for developers of digital resources and tools

Skolon’s unique partner portal makes it easy to manage all your tools and customers in one place. Here, our partners can clearly follow up on demos – in other words, potential new customers – as well as monitoring the sale and distribution of tools. You can of course invite more employees within your company to sign up as users, and the portal brings together all the latest news from Skolon.

Integration opportunities

Unique APIs developed for digital education

Our unique APIs have been created on the basis that digital learning needs to be easy for everyone. We have therefore developed a range of market-leading APIs and technologies to manage SSO, sync data, manage licences and administer tools. Today, our APIs are used by hundreds of thousands of users. We also support a number of different Swedish and international standards. Together, this provides plenty of opportunities to integrate and benefit from the Skolon platform for your school tools.

For platforms and LMSs

All tools are automagically integrated

Thanks to simple, free integration, a direct link from your platform is created to thousands of different resources in the Skolon platform. This means one-click access to a whole host of school tools – direct from your platform. As a result, your solution becomes even stronger and your users enjoy a much smoother user scenario. With our powerful APIs, it’s easier than ever to offer an interconnected infrastructure with deep links direct to learning materials, single sign-on and one-click navigation between tools.

Any questions?


To be able to provide one or more digital tools through Skolon, you will need to become an approved Skolon Partner. Simply contact us via our form here and we’ll get in touch to explain more about Skolon, our partner programme and how we can work together to make digital learning possible for everyone.

Any businesses, organisations or individuals who have developed one or more digital tools or resources that benefit Swedish schools in some way. Not sure whether your tool is suitable for schools? Get in touch with us anyway, and our partner team will be happy to book a meeting to find out more about you.

Skolon has all kinds of digital tools, for everything from administration to teaching. Our library includes categories such as teaching materials and learning tools.

Skolon should be the most convenient and cost-effective option for distributing digital tools. To access Skolon’s partner program, including our partner portal, APIs and marketing, you pay a low, fixed annual cost. Other than that, distributing your tools to any number of customers within the platform is completely free. Where Skolon is responsible for selling your tools through the platform, you’ll pay a percentage of your selling price as a fee.

Skolon supports all types of platforms, and includes downloadable clients and software, mobile apps and cloud services. Of course, your tools don’t have to support all platforms to be included in Skolon.

EdTech developers can save a lot of time and money by integrating with Skolon. Thanks to Skolon’s powerful API framework and licence management system, you also become part of something bigger. You can save many hours of development work by using Skolon’s existing links to popular digital tools and systems. Contact us to find out more!

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