Statistics and analysis

Unique functions that provide a complete overview of how digital tools are used – make better, smarter decisions based on facts and new insights.

Learning with new insights

Complete statistics for every occasion

Skolon’s data visualisation tool automatically creates detailed reports on how different tools are used – for all providers and tools, all in one place. This brings brand new opportunities for optimising training and analysing which tools can be used even more to reach their full potential.

Name Partner Degree of use
Evelyn Brown Partner 1 67 %
William Johnson Partner 2 86 %
Madison Walker Partner 3 93 %
Monitor use over time

Graphics and data provide new insights

Clear graphical visualisations make it easy to follow the use of tools over time and monitor how this changes as digitalisation progresses – from individual classes to multiple schools, all in a single view. With just a few clicks, it’s easy to produce statistics based on different parameters and date ranges.

Harness the power of the community

Compare the school’s use with average use

Get new insights into how different tools are used by comparing the school’s use with hundreds of thousands of other teachers and students within the Skolon community. This makes it easy to identify the potential for improvement and better reference points for using tools successfully.

Make purchases based on actual data

Effective decision-making support for purchases

Ready-made reports for tools that have been demo tested by teachers provide excellent decision-making support for future purchases. These reports are easy to export and use within the decision-making process.

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