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Service level agreement (SLA)

During the term of the agreement between Skolon and the Partner the following SLA applies. The Covered Service will provide a Monthly uptime percentage of at least 99,5% for Partner.

Partner: Is the organisation that signed the agreement with Skolon.

Covered Service: Includes the IT portal Skolon, external plugins, APIs and the portal on for administration. The covered service does not include tools provided by third parties in the service.

Downtime: Consists of:

  • Lost access to the IT portal on
  • Interruption in integrations to the Skolon Partner API
  • Interruption in integrations to the Skolon App API
  • Interruption in integrations to the Skolon Order API
  • Interruption in integrations to the Skolon Provisioning API
  • Main features that can not be used in accordance of the intended purpose. Including Single sign on (SSO) to connected apps, license management, app search.
  • Interruption in integrations with federated sign in/custom IDP.

To count as downtime, the error must have occurred in the Skolon IT Portal. Errors caused by other integrating party does not count as downtime, for example unavailable apps and similar not caused in the Skolon IT Portal. Errors occurring during a Maintenance Window does not count as downtime.Downtime Period: Is the period of Downtime of the Covered Service. To count as a Downtime Period a period of at least 5 minutes of Downtime shall have passed.Monthly Uptime Percentage: The number of minutes in the month minus the total number of Downtime during the whole month divided by the number of minutes in the month.Maintenance Window: The period of time where Skolon takes the service offline for maintenance. All Maintenance Windows will be announced at

Scheduled Downtime: Is Downtime as a result of Skolon taking the service offline during a Maintenance Window.

Compensation for Downtime: If the Monthly Uptime Percentage goes beneath the limit established in this document, compensation can be requested.
This is done according to the table below.

Monthly Uptime Percentage Percentage that will be credited from the corresponding month’s cost for the affected part of the service
90.00% – < 99.50% 25%
70.00% – 89.99% 50%
< 69.99% 100%

Partner must request compensation

To acquire compensation in accordance with “Compensation for Downtime” above, Partner must notify Skolon about the claim to within 30 days from the month end when the downtime occurred.

Partner must also be able to prove that Downtime occurred. This can be done by contacting Skolon at the moment of Downtime or by other means providing evidence.

It is also required that Partner notifies Skolon of the Downtime within 30 minutes from when the Downtime was discovered. Otherwise the Downtime will be counted from the time when Skolon is notified.

If Partner fails to achieve the requirements given above, the compensation will be forfeit.

Obtaining compensation

Compensation is deducted from the following month’s expenses.

Exceptions from the SLA

Circumstances under which this SLA is not applicable:

  • Usage of BETA features
  • When the cause is out of Skolons control
  • When the cause is due to partners, third parties or boths software or hardware
  • When downtime is due to abuse or violation of the agreement
  • When licenses or other quotas given in advance have expired
  • When it is explicitly documented for the service that SLA does not apply