Last updated: 23-05-23. Version 1.0.0

Supplier Code

Skolon AB
Reg. no. 556958-4120
Pirgatan 13, 374 35 Karlshamn, Sweden


This Supplier Code is reviewed and adopted by the board as necessary, and at least once a year.

Skolon is an international edtech player with hundreds of thousands of users, and we have a responsibility to ensure that our operations are conducted in a sustainable and ethically correct manner. Skolon’s Supplier Code is based on the company’s Sustainability Policy, and describes how our suppliers and partners are expected to act in relation to ethics and sustainability.

The Supplier Code is based on the principles and targets of the UN’s Global Compact. These principles are, in turn, based on the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

When carrying out assignments for the company, Skolon’s suppliers shall follow this Supplier Code and ensure that the code is communicated and complied with. This Supplier Code applies to all suppliers who provide Skolon with products, staff or services.

Human rights and working conditions

  • Create the right conditions for a safe and secure working environment, and for good health on equal terms for all employees.
  • Prevent discrimination and harassment, and promote tolerance and equal treatment.
  • Strive for diversity and equality, and work towards equal pay for equal work.
  • Apply fair working conditions, and comply with applicable national and international labour law standards.
  • Support and respect international human rights.
  • Have zero tolerance for child labour.

Business ethics

  • Only enter into agreements that are compatible with applicable legislation and regulations, and comply with and respect agreements that have been entered into.
  • Comply with applicable legislation and regulations as intended, and ensure that the correct collective agreements are complied with where applicable.
  • Ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Ensure that the supplier carries out relevant and tailored security work to reduce the risk of infringement and similar issues.
  • Prevent bribery and corruption in all supply chains. This includes Skolon’s suppliers neither receiving nor giving undue compensation in the form of gifts, travel, entertainment, subsistence, services, etc.
  • Observe good business practice and act ethically within the supplier’s own operations and in relationships with Skolon’s customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure that all information relating to Skolon’s business operations is treated confidentially.

Climate and the environment

  • Comply with applicable environmental legislation and ensure that the appropriate environmental permit is held for the supplier’s operations. The supplier shall strive to ensure efficient use of resources and to reduce its negative climate and environmental impacts. Skolon encourages the use of new environmentally friendly technologies that help to reduce such impacts.