Internationella Engelska Skolan – instant access to digital learning resources from Skolon

Due to the current Covid situation all teachers and students at IES are offered free access to the Skolon platform, and most of the resources available through Skolons library will be open with a 90 day trial due to the current situation.

Down below you will find best practices on how to set up user access to the Skolon platform for teachers and students.

What is Skolon?

Skolon is an independent platform, connecting all digital learning tools in a personalized collection and enabling easy access in the classroom, and from home.

In Skolons library you will find more than 3000 digital tools, ranging from teaching aids from larger publishers to pedagogical resources and tools for proficiency training, digital exams and more.

All tools in Skolon are integrated with Single Sign On and user accounts are created automatically – meaning no additional login credentials or administration are required for each resource.

How do you get started?

Skolon is already integrated with the IES domain and contains all staff, students and their classes which are used to distribute learning resources.

This means that teachers and students can access Skolon and most of the tools from the library with their IES Google account starting 16/4. No additional login credentials or account administration is required.

Each school will be set up with the Academic manager and the IT representative as default administrator for Skolon to manage the distribution of content to teachers and students.

WEBINAR: How to enable easy access to digital resources for students and teachers with Skolon

Skolon is an independent platform, connecting all digital learning tools and enables easy access from a personalized collection. Skolons integrations handles Singe Sign On, user provisioning to all tools automatically, and provides administrators with powerful tools for license management, usage analysis and fulfilling legislation on data protection.

Johan Olsson, IT Project Manager at IES HQ will perform a quick introduction to how Skolon is integrated and accessed through existing infrastructure at IES.

Gabriel Wallén, User Specialist at Skolon, will demonstrate Skolon is used to enable easy access for students and teachers in the classroom or at home, while simplifying administration as well as the distribution of digital resources and teaching aids for IT-coordinators.

Sign up for the webinar down below – hope to see you!

Content in Skolon Library

In your collection in Skolon you will find direct links to all of the existing resources currently used by IES, as well as content from the largest publishers of digital teaching aids. Students and teachers will have instant access to high quality content, free of charge and without further administration til the end of the semester.

Teachers can retrieve and assign licenses to Digilär and Natur & Kultur for themselves and their students directly from Skolons library.

All schools will have active licenses for content from Liber, and Clio. Administrators will be able to assign the licenses to teachers and students for access from Skolons collection.

Direct access URL

All users can access Skolon through the direct access URL with their Google login credentials. If you’re logged into the Chrome Browser or using a Chromebook you will be logged automatically and won’t even have to enter any credentials.

The direct access URL can be pushed as a homepage or bookmark in Chrome. See the provided guide for instructions below.

Chrome Extension

With Skolons Chrome Extension all users can reach their collection of digital resources from the Chrome Browser, regardless of what webpage they are visiting. The extension will always be visible in the top right corner of the browser and users can open their tools with Single Sign On, or navigate to their collection in Skolon with the click of a button.

The Chrome Extension can be installed to all users in Chrome. See the provided guide for instructions below. 

Data Privacy

Skolons built-in functionality reduces data dispersion and gives administrators complete control of all personal records for GDPR compliance. With Skolons data visualizer administrators can monitor which tools are being used and what kind of personal records are shared, regardless of the licensing type (i. e. a free trial or a distributed license). 

The Central Data privacy group at HQ will monitor the tools used through Skolon and establish Data Processing Agreements with the suppliers where necessary. 

More information about Skolons Data Privacy Tools can be found on the link below.

Skolon role by role


Since Skolon is integrated with the IES domain, it automatically contains all staff, students, classes and groups. If changes are made in the administrative systems, new users and relationships to classes and groups will update in Skolon every night. Students and teachers use their IES Google account as login credentials to Skolon.

Administrators will therefore not have to administer any user accounts. The most important tasks for an administrator in Skolon is listed below with a link to related guidelines.


Teachers access Skolon through the direct access URL or by Skolons Chrome Extension. From their collection they have instant access to their available tools. Teachers can retrieve some licenses for some tools from the library themselves, and some licenses has to be assigned by the administrator.

Teachers mainly use Skolon for:

  • easy access to all digital tools used in their education
  • searching the library for inspiration and new tools
  • sharing deep links to Google Classroom
  • scheduling digital meetings using Skolons Google Meet integration


The student use case for Skolon is very simple. All students access Skolon through the direct access URL using their IES Google account or by Skolons Chrome Extension. From their collection they have instant access to their available tools used in their education. If the teachers are using Skolons deep links when creating lesson planning or assignments in Google Classroom or SchoolSoft, the students have instant access automatically.

Share to Google Classroom

Teachers can create assignments in Google Classroom instantly from Skolons library. Combined with Skolons deep links the ”Share to Classroom” functionality the students can navigate directly from an assignment in Google Classroom to a predetermined chapter or section.

Book meetings in Google Meet from Skolon

Skolon has developed a custom integration with Google Meet, aiming to provide an easier way for teachers to schedule digital meetings with students and staff. In Skolons collection, teachers can schedule a meeting in Google Meet by providing a title, date and selecting a class, group or specific students and teachers.

The meeting will show up in the invited users calender as well as on the Google Meet website.

Skolon in collaboration with Gigla

Learn how to use Skolon – an online course

Skolon has in collaboration with Gigla produced an online course containing instructions for the basic functionality in Skolon. The course is free of charge and can be found in every teachers collection when logged into Skolon. Note: the course is currently only available in Swedish.

Kom igång med Skolon