Powerful yet easy

AI – for everyone in the classroom

We believe AI is a powerful force that offers new ways to simplify tasks, reduce time spent on routine work and free up time for the most important activity in the classroom – learning.

Responsibly developed AI features are needed in schools, now and in the future. That’s why created features that will provide safe and simple AI functions for all teachers and students to use – everyday.

Endless possibilities

Ask AI – your daily helper

The heart and home page of Skolon is “My Apps”. This is where you will find all your digital tools and learning materials, all ready to start with just one click. It is now also possible to ask an AI bot questions right from here, to get help with your daily tasks.

Get answers in a second, a smart summary of them or why not have the answers explained in a different or simpler way? The questions, answers and possibilities are endless.

AI built for learning

AI empowers your learning with Skolup

Simplify your tasks, save time and work even smarter with our digital tool Skolup – teachers and students new favorite for everyday use of AI in the classroom.

Microsoft Teams & Google Classroom

Get even more out of your existing systems

Whether you use Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom together with Skolon, you can now also add the power of AI. Got a new assignment and need help? Ask AI! Don’t quite understand the answer? Get a smart summary of it or have it explained in a different or a simpler way. AI is here to help you with your daily assignments from Teams or Classroom.

Safe and secure learning, even with the new technology

Safe and secure learning, even with the new technology

One question that many users ask about AI is related to privacy and compliance with the GDPR. Ensuring data security is of utmost importance to us here at Skolon and we never submit information about our users to our AI engines.

The goal of our AI features is for you and your school to get help and answers to your questions, as well as support in becoming more efficient in different learning situations. Of course, this is all achieved without you sharing any data other than what you actively choose to share. This means your school can feel confident that teachers and students are able to use our AI features safely.

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