Connect your digital ecosystem


Ready-made integrations with learning platforms, G Suite and Office 365 make day-to-day work easier for ICT Coordinators, teachers and students.

Where your users already are

Classroom och Teams

With ready-made integrations to G Suite and Classroom, as well as Microsoft 365 and Teams, your school’s digital resources and tools are available where your users already are.

Easy of use

Learning Management System

Integrations to learning platforms make tools in Skolon automagically accessible, directly in your LMS. Go from an assignment or planning straight to a tool without logging in again, and create deep links directly to educational planning. This makes teachers’ and students’ day-to-day work easier and your LMS more powerful. What’s more, your integration costs will be much lower!

Always in sync

Rooster data directly from your Student Information System (SIS)

Skolon allows for a secure data sync with each individual digital resource, and it’s also easy to sync data to Skolon from one or more source data systems at the same time. Thanks to our integration modules for the most common school administration systems and AD solutions, setting up a sync with Skolon is quick and secure.

Flexibility as standard

Open and modern APIs

The Skolon platform is based on modern standards, and open APIs are included for all customers. This makes it easy to adapt the platform to your own IT environment, create your own integrations and work flexibly.

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