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With Skolon, it’s easier than ever to find, buy and start using new digital resources and tools. Our international library is full of tools that you can easily search for and filter by subject, school year or category. Our licensing models are straightforward, and administrators can issue purchasing rights for different types of tools, to teachers or buyers, within different subjects.

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Familiar favourites and exciting new tools

A whole world of learning

Skolon’s international library contains a whole host of digital resources, tools, e-books and apps created for schools, from providers of all sizes. Our library contains both familiar favourites and exciting new products – there’s something for everyone, whatever the subject, interest or age group.

Built-in demo

Try before you buy

Thanks to the built-in demo function, teachers can try out new tools themselves or together with their students. With a single click of a button, tools can be accessed directly within users’ Skolon collections. ICT coordinators can easily share tools for testing with different teachers. Naturally, they can also follow up on which tools have been tested. Try, use and buy new favourites – all in one place.

Automagic assignment

Order and get immediate access

Assign tools at the time of ordering or afterwards. No matter how you choose to do this, the Skolon platform automatically deals with access and information for the relevant users, just like with account set-up and data sync. This means full access straight away, without any manual hassle or long waiting times between purchase and use.

Get full control

Built-in history and statistics

All purchases are saved in a full order history, based on individual cost centres. In combination with Skolon’s data visualisation, you can also monitor what has been purchased and how it is used – for either individual classes or the entire school.

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