Administration of digital tools

Save administrative time and improve accessibility for teachers and students by bringing together and managing all your different digital tools in a single platform.

All administration in one place

Built-in tool management

Skolon’s unique tool management function allows you to get a clear overview and manage the school’s various tools from different providers, all in one place. A single view allows you to clearly see and control who has access to what.

The right access to the right tool

Distribute tools with a single click

How do you get the right tool to the right user, whether it’s a single student or a thousand? Our powerful distribution solution allows you to do this in the most convenient way possible. Assign tools with just a few clicks – to individuals, classes, groups or schools. Tools appear in users’ personal collections in Skolon, with updates via notifications. It doesn’t get easier than this!

Quick and easy changes

Save time with automation

Thanks to smart automation, our tool management function gives new students direct access to the same tools as other students in the class, without the need for additional administration. Ensuring that the right users have access to the right tools has never been easier.

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