Equal access for everyone

Single sign-on and data sync

A powerful platform with a range of unique functions for managing SSO and data syncs in a secure and automated way, ensuring equal access for everyone.

Always available

Log in securely with a single click

Once logged in to Skolon, it’s easy to launch a tool directly with a single click without the need for more integrations, thanks to our powerful SSO framework and built-in rights management. Skolon offers thousands of ready-made integrations with tools from hundreds of different providers and open standards allow your school to add the tools you want.

Always in sync

The right data in the right tool, automagically

Skolon automatically syncs the right user data, users, classes and groups from the school’s source system to the right school tools, without the need for development. With integrations with various school administration systems and AD solutions, setting up Skolon is quick and easy – whether the school has one data source or several.

Access for all ages and all needs

Easy, password-free login with Skolon Pass

With Skolon Pass, younger students and students with special needs can easily log in securely and password-free, using the camera on their device and a Skolon Pass. New passes are created directly in the administration interface, and it’s easy to control who can and can’t use the feature. Skolon Pass can also be used as an additional login in combination with a password for two-factor authentication.

Comply with GDPR

Built-in minimised data spreading

Our powerful rights system, combined with integrations based on the latest technology, automatically ensures that only the necessary user data is synced with the relevant tools on each occasion. Secure personal data management enables schools to comply with GDPR requirements.

Use your existing IDP

No need to create new accounts

Skolon has ready-made connections to all the common IDP systems witch makes it easy to connect Skolon with your existing accounts to ensure that all of your users are able to reach Skolon in an easy and secure way.

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