How do we become a Skolon Partner?

To be able to provide one or more digital tools through Skolon, you will need to become an approved Skolon Partner. Simply contact us via our form here and we’ll get in touch to explain more about Skolon, our [...]

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Who can become a Skolon Partner?

Any businesses, organisations or individuals who have developed one or more digital tools or resources that benefit Swedish schools in some way. Not sure whether your tool is suitable for schools? Get in touch with us anyway, and our [...]

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How much does it cost?

Skolon should be the most convenient and cost-effective option for distributing digital tools. To access Skolon’s partner program, including our partner portal, APIs and marketing, you pay a low, fixed annual cost. Other than that, distributing your tools to any [...]

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Which platforms does Skolon support?

Skolon supports all types of platforms, and includes downloadable clients and software, mobile apps and cloud services. Of course, your tools don’t have to support all platforms to be included in Skolon.

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Can developers save time by joining Skolon?

EdTech developers can save a lot of time and money by integrating with Skolon. Thanks to Skolon’s powerful API framework and licence management system, you also become part of something bigger. You can save many hours of development work [...]

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