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We want to help give ICT Coordinators, teachers and students the best possible digital conditions.
Digital learning for everyone!

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Our vision is that digital learning should be possible for everyone. To succeed with this, we will offer the most efficient, smartest way to access and use digital resources in the classroom. Skolon was first launched at Stockholm’s SETT fair in 2015. Today, we are one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing EdTech companies, with a presence in several markets and continued high growth.

Our working methods feature creativity, energy and joy – we are proud of the educational developments we have contributed to in just a short time, but we are also aware that the greatest opportunities are still ahead of us!

Our journey

Follow our journey, from our initial idea of simpler, more enjoyable digital learning for everyone to the present day:


2015/2016: Skolon is launched at Stockholm’s SETT fair

In 2015, Sweden’s largest event for digital education – the SETT fair – sees the official launch of our Swedish-language platform after several years of development. There is a great deal of interest from the start, and during the following year thousands of schools activate Skolon and some of Sweden’s top content providers make their materials available in our library.


2017/2018: New functions, more users and the first step towards ...

Skolon launches several new functions for more secure, simpler digital learning, and partnerships are formed with several of the Nordic region’s leading publishers. A number of Sweden’s biggest schools also decide to activate Skolon. Our international journey starts in 2018 when Skolon is established in Norway and a partnership with Microsoft begins.


2019: One of Sweden’s fastest growing EdTech companies

Several leading schools of all sizes throughout Sweden and Norway activate Skolon. There are now more than 1,500 tools in Skolon’s library.


2020: The pandemic and an open platform for access to resources

The world is struck by a pandemic, resulting in school closures and distance learning. Skolon – together with its partners – opens up its platform, offering free access to digital tools and resources for hundreds of thousands of students and teachers. Several new functions are also launched, enhancing our educational and support services to meet the new needs and challenges that schools suddenly face.


2021: One of Scandinavia’s fastest growing EdTech companies

Skolon reaches a milestone of half a million users, with more than 3,500 digital tools in its library. A broad launch of the Skolon Store gives easier, smoother sourcing and distribution of digital tools, updated apps for iOS, and smart browser extensions for Chrome and Edge.

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Our offices

Our team currently has four offices in Sweden and Norway.

Team Skolon


Skolon is led by a passionate team with broad experience of both digitalisation and business development.

CEO & Co-Founder

Oliver Lundgren

Entrepreneur with broad experience in Tech, founded his first company at the age of 13. Has co-founded the companies Skolon, Techquity, Kubicom and Galio of Sweden. He sits on the board of Avalon Innovation, Kreativum AB and is one of the initiators behind Swedish Edtech Industry.

Chief Product & Development Officer

Ole Lidegran

Leads our development and product team and has the overall responsibility for our product strategy. Ole Lidegran has previously worked as a CIO at Lärandegruppen, one of the country’s largest independent school groups and as an IT strategist at Motala municipality. Has a degree in information technology from BTH and has a degree as teacher from Malmö University.

Business Development Director

Sebastian Matuska

Responsible for our international expansion and business development, also leads our business team in Norway. Has a background as a key account management within IT and cloud solutions for companies and organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Director, Country Manager Sweden

Marcus Alvarsson

Leads our business team in Sweden and is responsible for our Swedish offering. Marcus has a background as a business developer with many years of experience from various roles in customer care and sales. Before that, Marcus worked as a teacher with a degree from Kristianstad University.

Customer & Content Director

Gabriel Wallén

Leads the work of Skolon’s user and content team for our various markets. Gabriel has for several years worked within the school environment as an IT educator and IT strategist in Täby municipality with a strategic responsibility regarding the school’s digitization. Gabriel has a degree in systems science, web development and project management from Luleå University of Technology.

Communication Manager

Melissa Karlsson

Melissa is responsible for Skolon’s communication work, both nationally and internationally. She has several years of experience working in sales, customer relations and communications for various educational companies.