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AI, or artificial intelligence, has been one of the hottest talking points of the year. While the concept might now have reached the world of education as well, it can still be difficult for people to fully wrap their heads around. Is AI a new, powerful force that’s going to take over the world? Will we soon have robot teachers in our classrooms? Well, we don’t think so.

We believe AI is a powerful new force that offers new ways to simplify tasks, reduce time spent on routine work and free up time for the most important activity in the classroom, namely, learning. We believe that safe and responsibly developed AI features are needed in schools. That’s why we’re launching four new features that will provide safe and simple AI support for teachers and students.

NEW: Our AI features

Simple yet powerful features for teaching and learning

Any new technology adopted in these kinds of environments needs to be simple yet safe. Skolon’s four new AI features have been responsibly developed, with teachers and students able to use the new technology with just a couple of clicks, without compromising on safety.

Ask AI – right from your collection in Skolon

The heart and home page of Skolon is My Collection. This is where you will find all your digital tools and learning materials, all ready to start with just one click. It is now also possible to ask an AI bot questions from the My Collection page, to get help with your daily school work.

Ask your question and you will be given an answer. You then have the option – with just one click – of asking for a summary of the answer or having it explained in a different or simpler way.

Create questions with a couple of clicks

Set the subject, how many questions you want, the level of difficulty and which year your students are in, and our question generator will help you create a basis for, say, an exercise, examination or test. Of course, as the teacher, you can focus on particular details and add your own touch, so that the material and questions are exactly the way you want them.

So there you go! One common task has just got much easier, saving you as a teacher a lot of valuable time. The feature can be used in combination with your school’s digital examination tool or learning platform, so your school can work even more efficiently.

Tested by AI? Yes, indeed!

Having someone to test them informally in preparation for homework or an exam is a great help for students, giving them an idea of how they are doing. With our question generator, students create a document with the content that they need to learn and then receive questions to answer on the basis of that content.

So now students can easily test themselves, whether they are at school, on their way to sports practice, or on the bus home. Most importantly, they will learn even more and feel calm and confident prior to doing their homework or going into an exam.

Get started faster

“What am I supposed to do?”, “How do I start?” or “I don’t understand”. Does this sound familiar? These are some of the most common things a teacher hears when introducing an assignment in the classroom.

Now students can get a quick and easy boost in taking that first vital step of getting started on their task. With a simple click, students can have the assignment instructions explained in a different, simpler way and they can also get a list of concrete examples showing how the task can be approached.

Simply put, the assignment support feature in Skolon sparks creativity, makes it easier for students to get started, and saves the teacher a lot of time (and, of course, a lot of questions).

Safe and secure learning, even with new technology

One question that many users ask about AI is related to privacy and compliance with the GDPR. Ensuring data security is of utmost importance to us here at Skolon and we never submit information about our users to our AI engines.

The goal of our AI features is for you and your school to get help and answers to your questions, as well as support in becoming more efficient in different learning situations. Of course, this is all achieved without you sharing any data other than what you actively choose to share. This means your school can feel confident that teachers and students are able to use our AI features safely.

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Marcus Alvarsson
Business Director International