Purchasing and using digital educational resources have never been easier than now. With the help of Skolon, your school can make purchases directly in the library with just a few clicks and then gain immediate access to the licenses. This means that a purchased license can become an available educational resource in the classroom within a few minutes – we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

The purchase and use of digital tools and educational materials has, up to this point, largely followed a similar process to the purchase of physical books. With the help of Skolon, the procurement of digital educational resources is significantly simplified, as a purchased license becomes available in the classroom immediately after the purchase.

We spoke with Erik Thorell, business unit manager at Skolon to hear how students and teachers can use Skolon in their classrooms.

What is Skolon to you, Erik?

Skolon is a platform that makes it easy to work with digital teaching materials in the classroom, easy to administer everything related to digital educational resources, and easy for the governing body to have full control over data distribution, usage, etc., while still maintaining teachers’ freedom to shape their own teaching.

Where does Skolon position itself within the digital ecosystem?

The core of Skolon revolves around enabling easy distribution and access to digital educational resources for students and teachers. When a student/teacher turns on their computer in the morning and logs in with their existing credentials, they have immediate access to their individually curated collection of digital educational resources. In this way, Skolon becomes a hub in the digital ecosystem, both from a user and technical perspective.

Many people in Denmark are currently facing financial constraints in education. Why should they acquire another digital tool?

With Skolon as the platform, many of the administratively time-consuming tasks disappear – GDPR audits, inventory of available digital educational resources, distribution, and activation of new licenses, etc. Skolon provides a platform where, in addition to the simplicity for students and teachers to know exactly which services they have access to, the administrative tasks occur automatically, and all information about usage, data distribution, etc., is centralized in one place. It simply becomes a central hub that the organization can grow with. Furthermore, new secured AI functionality is integrated into the platform, which will be used more and more in schools going forward.

How quickly does a newly purchased educational resource reach the individual student and teacher?

When a digital educational resource is purchased through Skolon’s library, students can start using the new service immediately, with no manual intervention required!

What are the top 5 benefits of using Skolon?

  1. All students and teachers know exactly which digital educational resources they have access to through their individual Skolon collection.
  2. It’s sleek, easy, and hassle-free to get started with your lesson.
  3. The municipality sets the framework for how the organization can use Skolon – i.e., which services can be tested and purchased, etc. – and can then allow teachers to use Skolon freely within the given framework. This proactive approach avoids reactive negotiations for Data Processing Agreements (DPA), and both teachers and the governing body can feel secure.
  4. The municipality gains automatic oversight of data distribution, GDPR compliance, usage statistics, etc.
  5. Skolon is constantly at the forefront of new functionality, such as AI integrated into the platform.
  6. Integrations with Microsoft and Google provide a seamless and smooth user experience. Oh sorry, that was six.

Interested to know more about Skolon?

Contact Erik if you are interested of or want to know more about Skolon: erik.thorell@skolon.com

This is Skolon – we gather Sweden’s best digital educational tools and make them work in the classroom.

Skolon is an independent platform for digital educational tools and learning resources, created for both teachers and students. With Skolon, accessing and using your digital educational tools is easy – security increases, administration decreases, and there’s more time for learning.

The digital educational tools come from both small and large providers, all of whom have one thing in common – they create digital educational tools that are beneficial for the school environment.