Create match games, audio quizzes, puzzles, memory games, quizzes, crosswords, and many other activities with Interacty. Let’s learn more about Interacty!

In Skolon’s library, among all 5,000 different tools, you can now find Interacty. We took some time to speak with Artem Grishanov, founder of Interacty to hear how students and teachers can use Interacty in their classrooms.

Artem, what is Interacty and how does it work in school?

Interacty is a platform where teachers can create engaging activities and learning games for students. Activities can be practised on electronic devices or printed out to be completed with a pen. These activities include match games, audio quizzes, puzzles, memory games, quizzes, crosswords, and many other activities. We have prepared a lot of templates for you to start with – simply change the texts and images.

When you enter our gallery and choose an activity you will find and preview different templates. Change the images and texts to prepare the project for your class. Then, publish!

Here is a list of how you can use the created activities:
– Send students a link. They can open it on a tablet or phone in class or at home. Alternatively, you can insert the activity into your school LMS.
– You can also create a live competition where all students do tasks at the same time, competing for the top spot.
– Lastly, you can print the project with one click! Students can practice the activity with pens and scissors.
Of course, you can invite colleagues to use the created activities in other school classes.

What are the opportunities for using your tool in teaching?

We believe Interacty is a good addition to the traditional educational process. It helps engage students when they lose focus and keeps their attention in place with different activities. Students love competitions and games, and often prepare for class in order to achieve good results. We’ve also noticed that the creation process is another fantastic element of education. Encourage your students to be creative and design a game for their classmates. The learning that occurs during the creation process is an essential part of education.

Who can use Interacty?

Teachers who conduct both online and offline classes for any subject and use electronic and paper materials can explore our gallery to find ideas for a subject. Any texts and images can be changed in the template. Students do not always need to log in to Interacty to access learning materials. Teachers can send them links, use the school’s LMS to share them, or simply print the activities. However, students may want to log in through Skolon and create an Interacty account if they plan to create their own projects.

Why Interacty is a part of Skolon:

We understand how challenging it can be for educators to integrate new tools into the learning process. We’re grateful to Skolon for providing this opportunity to reach new users easily. Their license management platform is top-notch and can help European teachers gain access to new, modern tools. We are thrilled to be a part of the Skolon family!

See more material for Interacty:

This is how you can try Interacty for free on Skolon:

Did you become curious about Interacty? All logged-in Skolon users have the opportunity to try it for free for 30 days! Here’s how:

1. Go to Interacty in Skolon’s library here.

2. Click the Test button. Here, you can also choose whether you want to add the tool as a test for yourself, or whether you also want to distribute it to one or more classes and groups.

3. Now, Interacty is available as a demo version in “My Collection” along with your other digital educational tools and materials! – you’re ready to start testing!

Buy Interacty directly through Skolon:

In Skolon, your school can easily purchase digital tools and educational resources, with the ability to grant users access to licenses with just a few clicks. This means that your school has the opportunity to make planned purchases and control when a license becomes active for teachers and students, for example, at the start of a semester. 

Interacty is available for purchase in Skolon’s library. Go directly to Interacty in Skolon here to buy licenses or learn more about Skolon’s library here.

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