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Mindomo is a collaborative diagramming tool that helps students understand information easier, review and memorize knowledge, develop critical thinking, plan and write essay structures, take notes, synthesize courses, and prepare for exams. Let´s learn more about Mindomo!

In Skolon’s library, among all 5,000 different tools, you can now find Mindomo. We spoke with Silvana Carpineanu, marketing specialist at Mindomo to hear how students and teachers can use Mindomo in their classrooms.

Silvana, what is Mindomo and how does it work in school?

The software supports creating many types of diagrams, such as mind maps, concept maps, fishbone diagrams, timelines, bubble maps, outlines, etc. Each diagram can be customized by changing the structure, text, colors, and relationships. Adding multimedia files, such as images, links, documents, videos, and audio files.

Students can work in groups, collaborating on the same diagram and editing it in real-time. They also have access to a library with hundreds of templates, organized in categories for different subjects, for example geography, grammar, history, literature, etc. Teachers can create, share, review, and grade students’ assignments. They can also see a full history of changes made on a diagram by their students to evaluate each student’s contribution.

Moreover, they can give students timely feedback on their performance and clear guidance for improvement. Mindomo also has a grading report containing an overview of all the students’ grades. Each diagram can become a slideshow presentation for different projects the students may present to their colleagues.

What are the opportunities for using Mindomo in teaching?

Due to the ease of rearranging and restructuring the information, using Mindomo saves a lot of time for both students and teachers. Mindomo helps students understand and memorize information learned in class from any subject, making the whole process fun and engaging. This tool also develops students’ creativity and helps them identify connections between concepts. By creating diagrams, they also learn to synthesize and structure information.

Teachers can use Mindomo to explain concepts using the visual elements, help students develop critical thinking, decision-making, summarizing information, and evaluate how students understood the lessons. They can also use it to lay out lesson plans and prepare lectures for classes, as well as organize and manage their courses, exam materials, and more.

Who can use Mindomo?

Mindomo can be used by both students (from K-12 to university) and teachers. Students can create diagrams individually or collaborate in real-time with their classmates for group projects, assignments, or brainstorming sessions. Besides the predefined templates, students can create their own diagrams from scratch to take notes during classes, prepare for an exam, review and memorize information, plan and write essays, create book summaries, keep digital resources in one place to easily access them, etc. Teachers can use Mindomo to organize their academic work and resources, explain and present information to their students, prepare assignments, and evaluate and give feedback on students’ assignments.

Why Mindomo is a part of Skolon:

We believe that Mindomo is a highly effective teaching tool, and we wish for as many people to have access to it as possible. With Mindomo, teachers can easily manage students’ assignments, projects, and grades. For students, Mindomo becomes easily accessible from within the Skolon platform. With the partnership between Mindomo and Skolon, both teachers and students can easily access Mindomo and get all the benefits of the numerous features our tool offers.

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This is how you can try Mindomo for free on Skolon:

Did you become curious about Mindomo? All logged-in Skolon users have the opportunity to try Mindomo for free for 10 days! Here’s how:

1. Go to Mindomo in Skolon’s library here.

2. Click the Test button. Here, you can also choose whether you want to add Mindomo as a test for yourself, or whether you also want to distribute it to one or more classes and groups.

3. Now, Mindomo is available as a demo version in “My Collection” along with your other digital educational tools and materials! – you’re ready to start testing!

Buy Mindomo directly through Skolon:

In Skolon, your school can easily purchase digital tools and educational resources, with the ability to grant users access to licenses with just a few clicks. This means that your school has the opportunity to make planned purchases and control when a license becomes active for teachers and students, for example, at the start of a semester. 

Mindomo is available for purchase in Skolon’s library. Go directly to Mindomo in Skolon here to buy licenses or learn more about Skolon’s library here.

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