Does your school currently use Skolon and Google Classroom? Congratulations! It is now possible to activate a widget for Google Classroom, allowing teachers and students to utilize the service and smart AI functionality directly on their Skolon homepages. Join us as we share more details!

With Skolon’s integration with Google Classroom, your school can activate a widget for Google Classroom as well. The widget enables users to view and manage submissions and assignments in Google Classroom, directly within their collection in Skolon. Users can easily access information about assignments, review feedback or grades, and submission deadlines, among other details.

We have now improved and expanded our Google Classroom widget with smart AI functionality. These features allow users to receive assistance in getting started on an assignment or have a task explained in a different or simplified manner – all with a click directly in their collection. This means users don’t need to switch tabs or windows but can maintain their focus on the right task.

With the new features, users can get a simple boost to take that first step in starting their schoolwork and quick assistance along the way with any questions or problems.

Questions or concerns? We’re happy to help!

Would you like to learn more about the Google Classroom widget? Are you wondering how your school can activate it? Our support team is ready to assist! Feel free to contact us here!

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