We welcome teachers, leaders, and students back from holidays to a new semester. We hope that everyone has recharged their batteries and feels prepared for everything that an exciting fall term entails. We have gathered all the useful links you need to get started in the best possible way for the start of the semester with Skolon and all digital tools!

Skolon gathers all of the school’s digital educational tools, materials, and services in one place and makes them function smoothly and securely together for administrators, teachers, and students. Bringing together all digital educational tools allows all users to clearly see which tools they have access to and ensures they are easy to initiate and work with.

For those of you who are new to Skolon or need a little refresher before the start of the term, we have gathered all the useful links here that you need to get started in the best way possible. If you have any questions or concerns, our support team is, of course, ready to assist you!

Useful links for students and teachers

How do you make the most of your digital tools and educational materials? Here, we provide you with five fundamental links to get started with Skolon and your collection of digital tools!

1. Create a folder

Do you have many tools in your collection or do you simply want to get better at organizing? Then you can create folders!

Read more here how to create a folder.

2. Add tools in My Collection

Tools that you have chosen to remove from My Collection or that your administrator has chosen not to add to your collection can be found via the Tools icon at the top right of the My Collection page.

Read more how to add tools here.

3. How to share links and tools to other users

Sharing links and tools to other users is a smart feature of Skolon and you can do this directly from your collection!

Read more here how to share links and tools.

4. Sort and/or remove tools in your collection

Do you want better order in your tools in your collection? Or maybe remove a tool?

Read more how to do this here.

5. Teacher’s room – an overview of your students

With the function Teacher’s room, which all teachers and administrators have access to, it’s possible to get a clear overview of the students and classes / groups that are connected to you as a teacher.

Read more how to use Teacher’s room here.

Useful links for administrators in Skolon

As an administrator in Skolon, you can manage and administer the content within Skolon. Here, we provide you with four useful links to get started with the admin interface.

If you want to delve even deeper into the features available in Skolon, you can access all our articles for administrators here. This way, you can learn more, for example, about how you can make purchases of digital tools and educational materials directly in the library and how you can manage all your user data in accordance with GDPR.

1. How to configure the school settings

Within the school settings, you can adjust settings related to how Skolon will be experienced by other users, upload the school’s logo, and more.
Read more about setting you can do here.

2. Assign organisation administration rights

This article applies to organisation administrators.

Read more about it here.

3. Pseudonymisation – That´s how it works

With the pseudonymisation function, it ensures school organisations who use Skolon, to be granted a tool that can help them be GDPR compliant.

Read more about pseudonymisation here.

4. How to add a local tool in Skolon

In Skolon, you as an administrator can add your own local tools. This means that you post a link to something that you want users to be able to reach and use in Skolon together with other digital tools and teaching aids.

Read more how to add local tools here.

More help and support

Our support center with help articles is open around the clock, and if you have any questions or concerns, our support team is, of course, ready to assist you. Feel free to access all the help articles here or contact us here!

This is Skolon – we collect Sweden’s best digital school tools and make them work in the classroom

Skolon is an independent gathering place for digital school tools and learning resources, created for both teachers and students. With Skolon, it is easy to access and use all your digital school tools – security increases, administration decreases and there is more time for learning.
The digital school tools come from both small and large suppliers who all have one thing in common – they create digital school tools that are good for the school world.