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W3Schools stands as one of the world’s leading platforms for learning web development and coding, offering an extensive library filled with a wide array of instructional guides, exercises, code examples, references, and other learning tools.

We at Skolon, with an international library filled with more than 5,000 digital tools, resources, services and apps for education, recently had the opportunity to discuss W3Schools with Carl Magnus Woldstad, Product Manager at W3Schools. He shared his insights, describing W3Schools as a leading global platform for learning web development and coding. Let’s explore Carl Magnus perspective and the rich educational tools that W3Schools offers.

Carl Magnus, what are the opportunities for using W3Schools?

W3Schools’ resources can easily be used by teachers tilized as a supplement to an existing curriculum. The learning materials, or its tutorials, practice exercises, quizzes, and interactive “Try-It-Yourself” code example sections, and HTML video tutorials can also be used as a self-paced learning curriculum with detailed direct learning content for progress tracking. It offers the web hosting solution, “Spaces”, for practising web development and coding, along with the opportunity to share your projects that have been done. Integration with GitHub for version control and assignment submission is also a potential use. The platform’s materials can be used by students independently or displayed in the classroom as part of a presentation, making it a versatile tool for different learning styles and requirements.

Who can use W3Schools?

W3Schools is accessible to everyone, from beginners to more experienced developers. It serves as a valuable resource for both groups, often used as a reference tool. It is particularly suitable for middle and high school students, aligning well with their educational needs and curriculums.

Why is W3Schools a Part of Skolon?

Being a part of Skolon aligns perfectly with the accessibility and integration goals of W3Schools. It ensures easy availability where schools and municipalities are already engaged. Moreover, it facilitates seamless integration with existing user systems in schools, enhancing the educational experience and resource accessibility for students and educators alike.

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This is how you can try W3Schools for free in Skolon:

Did you become curious about W3Schools? All logged-in Skolon users have the opportunity to use W3Schools Basic for free or try Premium and Pro during 14 days! Here’s how:

1. Go to W3Schools in Skolons library here. Choose either Pro or Premium

2. Click the Test button. Here, you can also choose whether you want to add W3Schools as a test for yourself, or whether you also want to distribute it to one or more classes and groups.

3. Now W3Schools is available as a demo version in My Collection along with your other digital educational tools and materials! – you’re ready to start testing!

Buy W3Schools through Skolon:

In Skolon, your school can easily purchase digital tools and educational resources, with the ability to grant users access to licenses with just a few clicks. This means that your school has the opportunity to make planned purchases and control when a license becomes active for teachers and students, for example, at the start of a semester.

W3Schools is available in Skolons library. Go directly to W3Schools in Skolon here to buy licenses or learn more about Skolons library here.

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